Vatican Analog

VA 46: A Vibrant Struggle – The Molten Snow Tapes – Vol. XI

release info
artist:          A Vibrant Struggle
released:   November 2013
catalog:      VA 46
type:            Digital only
keywords:  drones, ambient, microsound, electro-acoustic

A Vibrant Struggle is a collaboration between Norwegians Sindre Bjerga and Jan M. Iversen (aka Bjerga/Iversen) and Dutchman Steffan de Turck (aka staplerfahrer). At the end of September 2007, they spent a long weekend in a wooden cabin up high in the Norwegian mountains, to fill up a pile of tapes with some blissful drones, crackling/clanging electro-acoustics, wood thumping and the occasional guitar picking.

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