Vatican Analog

VA 100: Show The Love

release info
artist:          Various Artists
released:   March 2008
catalog:      VA 100
type:            CD
keywords:  drones, breakcore, noise, beats, ambient, microsound, electro-acoustic

From Vital Weekly: "We are Vatican Analog. We play and book shows for both music & art. We release silly records for silly people [...] this CD is 1 euro. Don't pay more". Tilburg is by now the fifth biggest city of The Netherlands (I believe), so it has lots of artists and when they decide to be together and make something happen together they have my warm enthusiasm. On this sampler we come across names that are common places in Vital Weekly, such as Jos Smolders, Staplerfahrer, Vincent Koreman, THU20 (not strictly a band from Tilburg, mind you), DMDN & The Haters (with a recording from 1987) but also names that are entirely new to me such as Neurobit, The Truth Is In The Eyes Of The Deer, Meldy Peaches, Jimmy Hawthorne, Autonon, Bas Verbeek. This 1 euro CD has sixteen bands and projects (some of these may contain the same names actually, but in different combinations). The musical range of the boys (no girls can be seen from this end of the telescope) is wide apart. There is breakcore, old school industrial, current day laptop microsound, ambient drones and wacked out techno. Maybe a too mixed bag to be fully enjoyed as one thing, but perhaps if you are open minded enough. Otherwise pick your favorites and start throwing a party with them. An amazing collection of music from one city, where just a lot of very interesting things are happening. This is your ticket inside. This is just well spend 1 euro. (Frans de Waard,

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