Vatican Analog


Noise, drones, soundscapes, microsound, performance art, ambient – hypnotically soothing, insanely weird, enlightening psychedelic or terribly harsh.

Vatican Analog came to life in 2006 when founder Vincent Koreman (Incubate) was looking for a open and dynamic platform for high quality odd sounds. It started releasing handmade cd’s in special packaging and hosting a night welcoming soulmates offering a variety of intense mental and physical sound experiences. Soon Steffan de Turck (staplerfahrer), Wouter Jaspers, Bas Verbeek (The Day The Black Man Died) and Bas Welling (Neurobit) joined forces to bring new projects into life, tour around the globe and welcome artists to hometown Tilburg. Today, Vatican Analog remains to be a platform that continues to gather, produce and spread a fine taste of experimental sounds worth experiencing by expanding its catalog and invading venues.

Label philosophy
Vatican Analog is not your typical label. We rather claim to be a hub where we spread music made by non-pretentious, authentic, real artists. Yes, that is subjective, but we believe we have a fine radar for that. When it comes to giving output to our selection of sounds, pay walls and classic forms of copyright do not help giving you access to our work. With the internet of today, non-physical content is hard to control, but we see that as a positive thing rather than a negative thing which should be fought against. We want to embrace the web by using it to spread our releases as freely as possible. Of course there are expenses, which we hope to cover by gaining donations and funding campaigns. We believe in goodwill. We believe in experience.

Believing in open source, transparency and goodwill our works are released under Creative Common licenses. You will find our main outlet on Bandcamp. Since we still like to craft handmade releases so now and then, those can be ordered there against reasonable prices as well. Vatican Analog releases are also being distributed digitally to various free and paid channels, including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. Yes, you need to pay for tracks there which you can download elsewhere for free, but the reason we distribute to all of these channels is that we want to reach out as much as possible. Earnings through the paid channels will go to Vatican Analog and it’s artists, but instead of ordering there to support us we rather recommend to donate directly or wait for our campaigns. We aim to be as transparent as possible on the financial part.

Artists who think they have great stuff  that fits Vatican Analog, are welcome to contact us. If you make it through our picky and highly biased committee, we are willing to add it to our catalog. We then try to reach out to our fan base and far beyond that as much as possible. What we do take care of is the digital release – however if there is a physical release attached we can promote and sell through our channels, but you will have to produce the release and handle the orders by yourself. Also get in touch with us for tours, events or whatever form of Vatican Analog worthy endeavor. Remember: we are a non-commercial entity trying to reach with out by doing things together and connect, that’s all. We are all about DIY. Low budget – High quality.

The Apostles
At the moment Vatican Analog is being operated from different places on the globe by the following people:
Steffan de Turck (Tilburg, NL)
Vincent Koreman (Tilburg, NL)
Wouter Jaspers (Berlin, DE)
Bas Verbeek (Seoul, KO)

you can get in touch with them via