Vatican Analog

VA 33: Hidden Rulers – Golden Dawn

release info
released: october 2013
catalog: VA 33
type: digital only
keywords: techno, lo-fi, broken techno, dark, doom, industrial techno
for fans of: Huerco S, H8R, L.I.E.S., Bookworms

HIDDEN RULERS are back with a complete album worth of eroded and dark techno. After a small digi release and tape on NX, this is a bigger showcase of their peculiar techno style. This is techno that sounds like the batteries have eroded on it. Like the machines had a skin rash. Like the sequencer had a sick day. Distorted and recorded on old fashioned tape, these are weirded out percussive slabs of lo-fi techno noise that don’t go for the maximum in distortion, but for the maximum in atmosphere. Minimal in melody and minimal in meaning, this is music thats honest. It only does what it’s meant for. You can dance to it, thats your choice. No breaks, no big chorus, no deep touching melodies. Just dark and bleak machine sounds for like minded souls….

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