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for those who not only want to go to Roadburn this friday…

Fusing the intricate guitar magic of John Fahey with the beauty of Debussy. Next Friday, Spoono and Cam Deas from the UK will showcase their impressive technique mixed with cascades of echo and haze in the intimate setting of a living room concert. Come on over and allow yourself to let the mesmerizing sounds captivate you.

Cam Deas

Cam Deas


Spoono is 24-year old guitarist Jack Allett (who is also half of Towering Breaker), who takes the Takoma School of John Fahey, Robbie Basho et al. as the starting point for his compositions and improvisations, and goes on to incorporate psychedelia, neoclassicism, minimalism, jazz and more into his unique take on modern folk/blues fingerpicking. He has a new album out on Blackest Rainbow Records.

Since the dissolution of his previous band, Cameron Deas started a solo career under the name Cam Deas. He has released various EPs under the record labels Blackest Rainbow, Dead Pilot, Dirty Demos and others. Deas plays the guitar, and notably the 12 String Guitar. His music is a mix of acoustic and electronic sounds, which “conjures up an air of ancient smoke-wreathed ritual with ghostly moans and 12 string acoustic guitar ragas that disappear into cascades of echo, haze and distortion.”

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