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OPN3 Introduxxxions: Horacio Pollard

Horacio Pollard was born in Ibiza in the summer of 1981, he moved to the UK when he was 5 years old, went to college 2001 and it was there that he met Richard Harrison (aka Badboy, Rupert murder, Animal fact) & started to experiment with noise with their project Doggs. He has made many releases all of which vary greatly ie. drum machine industrial kinda stuff to more avant noise freak out jobbies.

He is half of weirdo pop noise outfit 55 blues, and guitarist in outdoor phenomena cau_cational betreet plus countless other one-off projects. His label Neigh Music is constantly releasing interesting unique stuff and he is currently developing a recording studio in East London, Iceni Village, which will be a dedicated noise recording ‘plaza’.

and he makes videooooooooooos: