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Earlabs review of new Neurobit

Neurobit is the alter ego of Dutch breakcore wizard Bas Welling aka Rioteer, as which he has been working up quite a storm in the European breakcore scene with his own blend of heavy breakcore, speedcore and just plain weirdness. His roots lie in all kinds of electronic music, a big blend of punk and even the odd African Percussive Music. As Neurobit however, he explores the sonic fields of gameboy mayhem.

Mind you, it is not exactly what you might normally connect with the usual bleeps and bits of gameboy music. On Sonic Romanticide we hear a more darker and noisier side of the genre. This nicely designed 3” CDR, released by Germany’s Retinascan, does start off with a pleasing and lovely short bootyshaker called Für Benita, but from there on it is a journey through the sonic wastelands of 8bit chipstyle.

On Serenity Disturbance we hear the deserted outbacks where even Mario doesn’t dare to drive his cart anymore, but where we wouldn’t be too surprised if we run into a lonely deranged drifter straight out of a Mad Max movie.

Useless Boredom Rigid Apathy crosses the border towards more psychedelic territories, with its repetitive score of warm and deep bleeps. Subsequently paving the way for more elongate droning in the finishing track Dronesuite in D, which transports you right into space and away from it all.

Nice one.


Find it also at the Earlabs site.