Vatican Analog

Upcoming show: Sindre Bjerga + Nils Rostad

Vatican Analog presents analogue pleasures from Norway:

SINDRE BJERGA has been wiretapping the secret frequencies of ghostly drones for years now. Through a steady flow of releases on numerous labels around the world he has been channeling the spectral transmissions from the gray void…
Expect psychedelic drones that sometimes collide with snippets of found sounds from half-demagnetized tapes and concrete sounds from wrecked kitchen utensils…

NILS ROSTAD has been playing improvised guitar for years (in addition to being a painter). His style is self-taught and can be very intense and private, owing more to American primitives like Dredd Foole, Loren Connors or Christina Carter, than to the European avant-garde and the free jazz. Using both timbre, attack and volume as effects (in addition to effect pedals) his sound comes across as highly personal and sparse. He has also been playing as a duo w/ Sindre Bjerga under the name Magnetic North Duo.

6th of March 2011
Doors open at 21:00 hrs
Vatican Analog, van Hogendorpstraat 13d in Tilburg
A donation for the traveling artists is welcomed!

Vatican Analog presents Sindre Bjerga + Nils Rostad

Vatican Analog presents Sindre Bjerga + Nils Rostad