Vatican Analog

20th March: chefkirk + Orphax + Paddo One Obie One

next saturday the 20th of March sees another Vatican Analog night at the Zwijssen pand aka Perron 58! Teaming up that night:

chefkirk is Roger H. Smith (b. 1976 U.S.A.). Smith utilizes the no-input mixing board as his main instrument, along with a sampler, and two effects pedals. It is this minimal setup that forces Smith to fully explore the realms and possibilities of the no-input mixing technique. Smith calls on the influences of his everyday environment. The sounds that exist in the cracks of everyday life: the breaking of Atlantic surf on a deserted stretch of North Carolina coastline, the cicadas’ harsh call on humid summer nights in the South, the distant horn of a shipping barge on the Mississippi mixed with the broken glass of Bourbon Street, or the wind whistling through the mighty Douglas Fir trees of the Pacific Northwest.

Orphax is the ambient drone project of Sietse van Erve (also part of Zonderland). Influenced by artists such as Troum and Thomas Köner, Orphax makes slowly evolving, emotionally loaded music which takes you into a deep dark world. In the years he has developed more and more his own style and which by now can be described as emotional, dark and heavy drones. Over the years he has released several mp3s which are all free for download from his own website, as well as through the Internet Archive.

Paddo One Obie One started creating tunes somewhere in 1410 b.c. somewhere in the Galaxy between Venus and Battle star Galactica. Back then it was called “Krrr” and Grrr”. (Nowadays it is called Noise). Enjoying the earthly movements, Paddo One caught up really quick with walking the earthly walk. Still going on, many releases and shit has been released and there is even more to come! Paddo One Talks to you through a way that is even beyond the Mars. No longer out of space, but in spaces he plays. Every tune is a different vibe. One might be of a Galactic Battle Sword, while other tunes may be the failed starts of a Cruise Motor, awaiting demolition.

20th march: chefkirk + Orphax + Paddo One Obie One

20th march: chefkirk + Orphax + Paddo One Obie One

March 20th – doors open at 20:00 hrs
5 euro donation
Zwijssenpand/Perron 58 – Gasthuisring 58 – Tilburg