Vatican Analog

OPN3 Redux

Little more than a week ago we had our third edition of the Optimus Prime Noise fest. About 20 acts were playing for about 12 minutes each (with the odd lengthier exception) and styles ranged from the obvious harsh noise versions to kinda postrock, kinda artrock, kinda ambient drone and kinda tribal/industrial. Somebody was even making coffee during his set.

Apart from some minor technical difficulties, the program had a continuous flow. When one act had finished his/her thing, the next one started and so it moved on. Resulting in a big wave of noise for the audience to enjoy. So yeah, it’s quite safe to say that we’re happy about the night.

Our friends from Teringtyfuskanker were filming all night long and the results can be found on their youtube channel. To get you started, find a clip below of the excellent opener of the night: Vrienden van de Duitse Keuken.