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Crowdfunding Now: Saehansori, new experimental music from South Korea

We just launched a small crowdfunding campaign for a new project: Saehansori, or with other words: New Korean Sounds. We are curating a compilation album with new experimental music from South Korea.

A selection of experienced and less experienced artists from the underground scenes in South Korea (mostly Seoul) will come together at this compilation which will be distributed both digitally and physically. In collaboration with Korean visual artist Jihyun Kim we will produce a handmade piece of artwork including a USB-stick containing the music. All of this will come in the shape of a postcard sent in a wax sealed envelope. For the modest price of 13 euro’s this magic envelope be sent to wherever on this planet your house is. These will be produced manually with a lot of love and craftsmanship, but only once. Limited edition!

Check out the crowdfunding page to pre-order your edition, or pick one of the exciting packages that will give extra support to the local scene.







To get warmed up, here’s one of the contributors honoring Korean traditional music in modern ways (this doesn’t mean all contributions have traditional references by the way, it will be a diverse mix from calm ambient via micronoise to nihilist drones):