Vatican Analog

Vatican Analog back online

It has been a while, but Vatican Analog is back with a total new website. We’re busy uploading our releases from the past for you to freely listen and we’re working on new ones in the meanwhile. One of the main causes of Vatican Analog having been so quiet in the past years is that members of our collective physically moved away from each other, getting busy with a variety of things. But here on we unite again. We will connect to like minded artists to get our catalog going again and work on our own projects as well.

This doesn’t mean we have been idle, like Wouter Jaspers is booking a tour at the moment and soon will release a new EP and staplerfahrer also is releasing his new works both on Vatican Analog as on other great independent labels. Vincent Koreman has been extremely busy with his great festival Incubate, but is making fame with his deep and dark beats of Drvg Cvlvtre, rumours has it that he will soon launch new tunes on Vatican Analog as well. Neurobit-man Bas Welling just launched his new dark ambient project Former Decent at the french netlabel Sirona Records.

On this blog we keep you up to date of what we are doing, but we can’t resist posting about other great things from the world of the great experimental soundworks we stumble upon. We’re open for ideas and collaborations that fit in the Vatican Analog philosophy. Hopefully we see you soon on the roads and around the interwebs.